MS4500 in action
MS4500 Tow Behind Spreader
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MS4500: Tow Behind Spreader

Even with its large capacity, the MS4500 tow behind spreader exerts low pressure to the ground, thanks to its large turf tires and lightweight construction. It includes a lawn and garden hitch for towing behind a variety of service vehicles, and all components (flow gate, spinner and vibrator) are electric powered. Not only does this save on fuel costs, but it also eliminates the risk of fluid leaks.

Spreading Materials: 

Free Flowing Sand

Vertical Tabs

Weight (Empty) : 
955 lb (433.2 kg)
Overall Length: 
89.5" (227.3 cm)
Overall Height: 
34" (864 cm)
Overall Width: 
49" (124.5 cm)