RS7200E Electric Spreader & Sprayer in action
RS7200E Electric Spread-N-Sprayer
RS7200E dashboard controls

RS7200E: Ride On Spreader & Sprayer

With its new electric spray pump, the unit allows you to pre-set the pressure settings, and it gives you greater application rates. The electric pump also powers a spot-spraying wand for unmatched productivity.

Spreading Materials: 

Granular Fertilizer

Granular Pesticide

Granular Herbicide

Spraying Material: 

Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid Pesticide

Liquid Herbicide

Vertical Tabs

Weight (Empty) : 
465 lb (210.9 kg)
Overall Length: 
60” (152.45 cm) long
Overall Height: 
55” (139.7 cm) high
Overall Width: 
35.5” (91.4 cm) wide