TL50 Portable Sprayer
TL50 Portable Sprayer

TL50: Portable Sprayer

The TL50 pull-behind sprayer offers the user a portable 5 gallon sprayer option with a wand sprayer and rechargeable battery pack. The unique luggage style handle allows the sprayer to be easily pulled to any application. The wand sprayer can be used to spray a variety of materials including fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or water. The rechargeable battery charges overnight and provides you with up to 8 tank refills on a single charge.

Spraying Material: 

Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid Pesticide

Liquid Herbicide

Liquid Water

Vertical Tabs

Weight (Empty) : 
15 lbs
Overall Length: 
16" (40 cm)
Overall Height: 
20" (50 cm)
Overall Width: 
14" (35 cm)